INDIGENOUS EDIBLES-WHAT'S MORE LOCAL THAN ingredients native to This Land?



the Rediscovery of Ancient Native Foodways and Health

It is about the awareness and bringing out the qualities for the conditions of plant growth. What is it that made it possible for the plant’s unique qualities. How did it develop in its native terroir. The color, the taste, and cooking method, how does it enrich a dish, speak its history? What are the healthful qualities? What is the historical use? How did it sustain a civilization? Why did it become important? What are the contemporary considerations for broader use, how can it be adapted?

Native foods have a history that defined early survival, health and sustainability. It shaped cultures, created ceremonies, provided medicine and nutrition to a simple approach for a wealth of diversity in a simple diet.

My cooking returns to this simplicity, this respect of place; our place, our native food, our health, our medicine and our transformation.

"Our Mission is to help people rediscover our proud, ancient, history of native edibles; and awaken them to the nutritional and medicinal values of not only native, but of all whole foods."